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Attractions in Portland

Located in Oregon, Portland is one of the most visited cities in the state and it is famous for its natural beauty. If you are planning a trip to Portland, do not forge to visit the following attractions as they are among many tourists' favorites.

Portland Japanese Garden
The Japanese Garden occupies five acres of land and is composed of five distinct garden styles, including the flat garden, strolling pond garden, tea garden, natural garden, and the sand and stone garden. Each of these gardens are designed with a specific theme that echoes Japanese traditional values. The strolling pond garden, for example, is connected to an enticing stream and the Moon Bridge, while the tea garden is designed for meditation and reflection. The Portland Japanese Garden is opened to visitors seven days a week throughout the whole year.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
This museum is a perfect place for people who are science enthusiasts. It is also a great spot for children to learn while having fun. The four different exhibit halls at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry feature activities such as programming a robot, building an aqueduct, experiencing an earthquake, exploring human growth, and learning about planet Earth. The Science Playground, in particular, is a fun place for children to sand, water, puppets, and books. The museum also contains an IMAX cinema that shows scientific documentaries. you can also enjoy a full-dome show about the universe in the planetarium within the museum. The museum is closed on Mondays.

International Rose Test Garden
This magnificent park features thousands of roses from different origins. It is one of the most romantic spots in the United States, and attracts many visitors every month. It is good for having a picnic or for a leisurely walk. The blooming roses will connect you with the beauty of nature. At the Rose Test Garden, you will also enjoy a spectacular view of Mount Hood.

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